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PT. Wita Kharisma Jaya Bersama (Bekasi, Indonesia)

PT. WITA KHARISMA JAYA BERSAMA For A Company That Stood On Date 8 September 2006 Focus On Business Safety, Fire, And Rescue Environtment. We Stand Of The Leader Determination That Has More Than 10 Years Experience In It Sales And Product Control In The Field Of Safety Equipment And Fire Equipment (Fire And Safety) To Provide Best Solutions And Options To The Consumer.

We Will Understand It Urgent Needs Of Consumers In Fulfilling Work Safety Equipment And Fire Equipment (Fire And Safety) In Company Or Installation. Relative To The We Have Commitment 'We Are The Best Services Customer Satisfaction'. This Commitment Will We Hold True, For That We Always Be Prepared And Ensuring Care Slow Least 2 X 24 Hours After Confirmation Already Thanks To Consumer Goods.

The Athletics Fire And Safety Products What We Provide Is:

Fire Tube
Hydrant Box
Fire Hose
Hose Rack
Jet Nozzle
Siamese Connection
Fire Pump
Hydrant Pillar
Hose Reel

Safety Equipment:
Heat Resistant Clothes
Breathing Tube
Box P3k
Ear Protectors
Eye Protectors
Hand Protector
Foot Protector
Heat Resistant Blanket
Work Vests
Helmet Safety
Wardrobe Cabinet
Tali Karmantel

Fire Alarm:
Smoke Detector
Fire Alarm System (Nittan, Nohmi, Hc, Edward, Simplex)
Emergency Lights (Samcom Emergency Exit)

Fire Extinguisher:
(Servvo, Yamato, Appron, Viking, Venus, Hooseki, Chubb, Eversafe Dll)

Car Fire
Motor Fire

Meanwhile, Consumer Customer Has Become Much We Are:
- Offices, Apartments, Hotels, Malls And Hospitals.
- Oil Industry, Food Industry, Chemical Industry, Mining Industry,
And The Telecommunications Industry.
- Ministry Of Maritime Affairs And Fisheries, The Ministry Of Forestry.
- And Various Institutions And Agencies Leading Indonesia.

Along With This We Say Thank You For Everything That Has Provided Support And Great Hope We Can Establish Partnership To Keep The Good In All That Has Partners Partners Nor There To Come.


Menjadi perusahaan yang handal & terpercaya dalam bisnis Safety, Fire, Environtment & Rescue


Menjaga hubungan baik dengan mitra kerja, supaya selalu terjalin kerjasama yang berkesinambungan dan saling menguntungkan dan memberikan pelayanan prima dalam bidang pencegahan dan pemadaman kebakaran


PT. Wita Kharisma Jaya Bersama adalah perusahaan yang peduli terhadap penanganan dan penanggulangan bahaya kebakaran. Kami menyediakan solusi terbaik dengan berbagai macam pilihan alat pemadam kebakaran serta kelengkapannya.


PT WITA KHARISMA JAYA BERSAMA, Jalan Cikunir Raya, RT.002/RW.015, Jaka Mulya, Bekasi City Bekasi 17146
Bekasi , Indonesia


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